Financial Services

We offer specialized niche services in a narrow band of industries including financial services. Our focus is on management companies and their investment vehicles. We have assisted the management companies of Hedge Funds, Money Managers, Private Equity Firms and their principals with a wide range of accounting and tax services for the last 15 years. We are prepared to address the implications of specific financial industry issues.


  • Carried Interest

  • Qualified Small Business Stock 

  • Traders in securities (including the related expenses)

  • Special allocations of incentive fees and off shore deferral (as they begin to wind down)

  • Mark to market treatment and elections (Section 475)

  • Regulated futures contracts (Section 1256)

  • Foreign currency

  • Wash sale rules

  • Specialized profit and loss allocations for syndicators and investors (including differing income or loss allocations from cash distribution changing at cross over)

  • Unrelated business income for tax exempt investors

  • Federal withholding issues on foreign investors

  • Self employment tax issues for traders

  • Minimization of self employment tax on management fees income

  • Cryptocurrency transactions 

  • And more...

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