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Marcus Taylor, MBA
   Founder & CEO

When someone asks me why they should use our firm, I could go into the depth and breadth of experience my employees have—because that really is important. But, instead, what I tell them is "I listen." One could have all of the technical accounting acumen in the world, but it is vital to hear what your clients have to say, and then formulate a solution to their own situation. Why? Because each client is unique.

When I opened my own firm in 2001, I made a commitment to myself, my current clients at the time, and the future clients I had yet to meet that I would be more than just another “number cruncher.” Now, truth be told, I enjoy crunching the numbers and finding solutions for my clients. But, more than that, I enjoy building very real and lasting relationships with my clients. I love seeing them grow and prosper as individuals, and take great pride in helping them achieve success with their businesses. Over the years, I’ve watched them get married, helped them make life-changing decisions, held their newborn babies, and cheered them on as they embarked upon their new ventures as entrepreneurs. You name it—I’ve had many clients sit with me and tell me their story. And I listen.  Because the more I know about them, the more I can help them.

Being an accountant is what I do, but not who I am. I'm a person first and foremost. And so are my clients. By starting out on that common ground--and by listening--we’re able to find targeted, personalized solutions that help them achieve their financial goals. And peace of mind that helps them enjoy the lives their building.

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