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A couple Industries we serve....

Real Estate 

  • Tenant Accounting - Lease setup, move-ins, move-outs

  • Accounts Payable - Entry of invoices including 2/3 way matching with POs, utilities and payments

  • Accounts Receivable - Monthly rent run, processing rental receipts and section 8 rent receipting

  • General & Month End Accounting Activities - Bank, Mortgage and insurance escrow reconciliations, month end accruals and schedules

  • Prepare/Track Fixed Assets for property including to the unit (apartment) level

  • Budgeting Support & Analysis Services - Prepare budgets, financial analysis and cash flow forecasting

  • Rent Roll Analysis - Comprehensive rent roll analysis of a property for buyers covering financial analysis, tenant analysis, location review among others


  • Inventory costing and analysis

  • Evaluation of internal controls

  • Production control and analysis

  • Budgeting and forecasting

  • Break-even analysis

  • Performance measurement and benchmarking

  • Budgets and forecasting

  • Cash flow management

  • Bookkeeping services

  • Cost segregation studies


  • Key Indicator Analysis and Benchmarking

  • Billing Team Management Services

  • Revenue Cycle Management 

  • Budgeting and forecasting

  • Break-even analysis

  • Pro Formas

  • Financial Modeling 

  • Cash flow management

  • A/P Services

  • EHR and EMR Management 

  • Collections


  • ERP & CRM Services

  • Supply Chain Management 

  • Inventory Valuation

  • Cash Flow Analysis

  • Sales & Use Tax

  • Federal, State, and Local Tax Compliance

  • Accounting and Audit

  • SBA Assistance

  • Royalty Audits

  • Franchisee Accounting 

                    and more....


Who are we


CFO Leverage provides your business with career CFOs (Chief Financial Officers) that become part of your executive management team and contribute the independent perspective of our multi-client experience. We provide both interim CFO and fractional CFO (part-time CFO) services to companies that desire financial leadership without having to hire a permanent, full-time CFO.

Fractional or part-time CFO solutions typically include CFO on-site involvement that ranges from less than one day a week to multiple day commitments each week. The extent, and therefore the cost, of our services is determined through close consultation with the business owner and management team. Together we design our scope of work for maximum efficiency by leveraging existing accounting and financial resources and focusing on your top priorities.




CFO Leverage offers both full-time and part-time services to business owners and key stakeholders seeking to improve their organization’s financial well-being. We offer flexible, innovative solutions based upon data-driven systems. Our aim is to help clients gather and interpret high quality business data then use it to improve their operations.  

Our core outsourced CFO services include:

• Budgeting & forecasting
• Monthly financial reporting packages
• Tax planning
• Mergers & acquisitions
• Due diligence
• Service on board of directors
• Cash planning and management
• Owner/Key Personnel Transition
• Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Analysis
• Permanent CFO placement and training
• Operational analysis

If you business is in it's Start-up phase or Transition period, we have an experienced CFO ready.




A business Accountant is a key player. They provide stability in day-to-day operations, direction in making key decisions, and advice for achieving business goals. For most organizations, the loss of an Accountant is a huge upset. It is one of the most difficult transitions that a business owner or manager might face in their career. CFO Leverage is here to help companies that find themselves in this situation. Whether an organization is dealing with an Accountant transition or it has simply arrived at the point in its business growth where it is time to add a Controller to the team, CFO Leverage can help. We offer services as an Accountant, Controller, and/or CFO in either a temporary or permanent capacity. Our goal is to make organizational transitions as wrinkle-free as possible and provide extensive support.

Our core Accounting services include:

• Assistance with staffing, including permanent controller placement and training
• Budgeting & forecasting
• Monthly reporting packages
• General ledger maintenance
• Cash planning and management
• Software upgrades/implementation
• Internal control evaluation
• Evaluation and training of accounting staff


Who We Work With


If your business is in any of these stages, we have an experienced CFO ready for you no matter the Industry

Companies we have parterned with........
Some technology we use...........
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About cfo leverage

I started CFO Leverage with the entrepreneur and  business executive in mind. Working in corporate America for over 19 years, I noticed most entrepreneurs and  business executives were not making informed business decisions. Informed business decision making means using data, finance & accounting to make key operational decisions. Most entrepreneurs and  business executives don't know their Business Numbers!

I introduce you to CFO Leverage. We use Finance & Accounting to articulate reports to help business executives make informed business decisions. 

Financial expertise in venture funding, debt financings, mergers and acquisitions, strategic planning, and building high-growth technology companies. Operational expertise in accounting, human resources, legal, and corporate governance, facilities, information technology, and administrative functions.

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